We are partner with customers worldwide to provide superior solutions for industrial applications, more than 45 years of history are demonstrating that this goal is always achieved.

Since company foundation in 1967, We aimed to supply the market with technically advanced and superior quality products, customized on an extensive range of applications, always looking forward innovative solutions and best quality results.

Our mission involves working in close partnership with our customers, who are the essential part of our projects, where excellence is required as much as satisfaction. In order to comply with it innovation is our key factor.

For that same reason We established during the years a productive collaboration with the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Polytechnic of Turin, that has led us to a growing success and development in motors production and solutions for heavy industry sector.

Since 1998, We evolved on the principles of Lean  Production and Learning organization models and, in addition, in 2010 the 5S Lean Thinking process has taken place, in order to constantly create value for us and our customers and increase general efficiency.