Since the early sixties Sicmemotori designs and manufactures electric motors for industrial applications, focusing on customer, quality of service and product  innovation.

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2012-2009:  From NEW ASR Technology to Rockwell Automation agreement

  • The newly created applications based on ASR technology are launched into the market for synchronous generators and wind industry;enabled
  • The company underwrites a Technology License Agreement with Rockwell Automation Technologies Inc., which entitles Sicmemotori’s asynchronous motors to be included in the Rockwell Sales network;
  • First important applications based on ASR (Assisted Synchronous Reluctance) technology are realized, for which Sicmemotori owns the Patent Licenses;

2008-2006:  From first wind projects to Ersel LBO

  • The “Private Equity” fund of Ersel Investment Club acquires 49% of Sicmemotori stocks through a  LBO, in order to support the development of the wind project;
  • A technical-productive agreement with TDPS is sealed in Bangalore (India) for the production of wind generators;
  • The company becomes member of EWEA (European Wind Energy Association);
  • First generators for wind turbines (1.5 MW) are manufactured and installed;
  • A modern series of winches for lifts intended for “roomless” and “gearless” applications, with multi-pole low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors is launched;

2002-1996:  From Vector-Speed series to Polytechnic partnership

  • The company is open to a profitable cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Turin that starts to provide a valid support in projects for modern synchronous generators with permanent magnets at low speed,  to be used on wind turbines;
  • The new series of induction vector motors “Vector-Speed” is launched, highly-performing and ergonomically designed;

1990-1967:  From company foundation to high quality standards implementations

  • The company gets the Certification EN29003, implemented with UNI EN ISO 9002 in 1998 and finally with UNI EN ISO 9001 in 1999;
  • Given the increasingly success and considering the great demand of the market to benefit from DC motors production for applications where variable speed was a key point,  the company Sicme Motori S.p.A. is founded with headquarters in Turin;
  • Headquarters move to Strada del Francese 126/130 in Turin, the current location and in 2000 a new plant is opened in order to satisfy the growing demand for customized motors and enforce production with innovative projects;