For over 45 years SICMEMOTORI designs, manufactures and sells electric motors for various industrial applications. Of these, about 90% are installed outside Italy.

The reason for this success, as well as the high quality and reliability that have always distinguished our products, it is certainly also due to the philosophy that has inspired the way of understanding the relationship between SICMEMOTORI and Customers: quick response, responsibility, protection of their interests, to reach a level of collaboration that would result in the complete satisfaction of the end user.

This ultimately means a partnership, much closer than a simple customer-supplier relationship, where the two entities work together to get the best result in the interest of both.

After Sales Service organized by SICMEMOTORI goes to this direction: to provide a Customer Service that can assist in all stages of relationships, from technical support being offered to define the most suitable products to customer needs, to technical support after the sale.

In particular for this aspect, to support clients promptly and effectively in case of need, SICMEMOTORI has long been organized and made available to them an effective capillary and technical assistance after-sale service in the main industrialized countries, able to ensure a qualified technical support in case of need.

The workshops that provide this service are selected by SICMEMOTORI among the most qualified ones  operating in various countries. Quality assurance has taken steps to adjust their status, according to the principles of ISO 9001:2000, to ensure they have the technical and production facilities able to provide the best possible assistance in case of need.

SICMEMOTORI is associated with EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association), an international association that brings together the main repair shops, and that is a guarantee of reliability and quality.

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