R&D Profile

Sicmemotori, recognized for 45 years of experience in the production of rotating electrical motors, continually invests in research and development of its products. The historical product of the company are the DC motors for industrial applications but from the Nineties, when the President Mr. Alberto Sola took office, also the new production line of AC motors acquired greater importance, offering its customers wider choice and flexibility on specific requirements.

Since 2003, Sicmemotori has intensely invested in human resources and SW tools to carry out its own projects and its works have the privilege of founding their bases on advanced softwares for FEM electromagnetic (FLUX), structural, modal and thermal (ANSYS 3D) analysis.

Besides an incisive effort has been taken in training programs to increase the reliability of new products, introducing into the planning procedures the FMEA analysis of product and process.

Design of new products relies strongly on the collaboration with the Department of Energy and Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic of Turin, in association with the Polytechnic incubator I3P, which represents the main enterprise incubator offered by University and one of the best at European level. Nevertheless the Employers’ Association of Turin, a solid benchmark at regional level, is involved in these far-reaching projects.

In regard to the development of production processes and workflow management, Sicmemotori made ​​a significant reorganization of both plants in 2010, with the collaboration of Bonfiglioli Consulting (Lean Manufacturing and 5S methods), supporting the company enhancement in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

Thanks to new resources and partnerships, the company has developed in recent years several research projects of national and European importance.


miniwindThe Miniwind project dates back to 2002, when the company decides to invest in further product diversification reckoning renewable energy among the most innovative growing markets.

This new challenge leads Mr. Sola to forge a strong partnership with the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Polytechnic of Turin (now the “Energy” Department) therefore bringing the company to achieve excellent results in the wind sector: the first permanent magnet synchronous generators for direct-drive and for medium speeds (“hybrid” solution) applications are produced and successfully launched into the market.

Since then, Sicmemotori has manufactured and installed generators of 1.2 MW and 1.5 MW but the commitment to the development of new products is further increased, in fact from 2005 till today, the consolidated activity with the Polytechnic brought know-how and qualified experience to encounter in the creation of prototypes of 2MW with inner and outer rotor and 3 MW hybrid generators.

In order to sustain the optimization of the products and raise standards in performance, the company invest in a fully equipped testing room for AC motors and generators up to 3MW and 3MNm, with the possibility of using the converter of the customer to test the operations before the commissioning. The plant has also been equipped with a gantry crane of 120 tons on rubber tyres able to adapt to massive dimensions of generators. We are proud to have delivered and installed 150 MW of PMG up to day.

Concerning the small wind turbines, starting from first 5kW generators delivered in 2006, Sicmemotori has implemented range production to 20, 25, 50 kW and has recently released the size of 60 and 100 kW.

Synchronous reluctance technology

The ASR project originates in 2008, when the company orientates its efforts towards motors based on synchronous reluctance (SR) technology, which instantly appears to be the most innovative solution as it combines the advantages of the permanent magnets with the flexibility of use of the traditional induction motors. synchronous_reluctance_white

The experience with synchronous reluctance motors, in close collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, has led Sicmemotori to carry out important projects of 250, 350, 910 kW (from 250 to 1350 rpm) for pumping applications, drilling and test benches (this product is particularly suitable for traction for its dynamic).

Sicme Motori designed an innovative super premium efficiency IE4 series for industrial application on 2014 thanks to its wide experience on the synchronouse machines.
The company expanded the range of synchronouse products with the permanent magnet motor (SQ series) and synchronouse relucatance motor (SR series).