The SICMESERVICE is active worldwide and utilizes the expertise of the engineers dedicated to the design, and of specialized personnel.

The After Sales Service is active 24 hours a day and have access to a wide range of dedicated tools that complement those of production:

  • Motor washing system
  • Digital test benches for bearings
  • Mobile Dynamic Balancing instrument
  • Digital instruments for the analysis for electrical windings
  • Alignment Laser tool
  • Tools for analyzing the commutation (for DC motors)

The After Sales Service of  SICMEMOTORI is able to intervene in the process of revamping of each type of plant.

SICMESERVICE provides the customer with a wide range of services:

  • Scheduled maintenance, preservative, extraordinary
  • Service Annual Maintenance “Total Motor Service”, which allows you to continuously improve the reliability of the motors

The 45 years of experience of SICMEMOTORI in the design and manufacture of electric motors is a guarantee for the customer to reliability and quality of service.