The growing experience of Service in the field of predictive, ordinary and  extraordinary maintenance on AC and DC electric motors and generators, with the continuous updating of its technicians in the use of necessary technology, provides a careful and objective analysis of the needs and demands of the production sites of the Customer to safeguard the continuous operation of the machines.
SICMEMOTORI Motors Service goes beyond the traditional concept of the Service, the failure of a component of the motor or generator is not “just” repaired or replaced, but it is the starting point for a review of the causes that have produced the fault. Many times a fault on the rotary machine, is caused by external reasons that make repetitive the inconvenience. The search for the cause and its solution allows you to make a single event that happened will not be repeated in the future.

The service is divided into different activities:

  • Warehouses with availability of key parts (subject to wear and not)
  • Telephone support with effective technical availability and not only of courtesy
  • Engineering office for structural changes, FEM analysis, electrical calculations
  • Testing room to load testing in DC and AC for power ratings up to 2400kW
  • CNC machines for the execution of mechanical maintenance
  • Assistance on site during commissioning
  • Work on-site for mechanical and electrical ordinary and extraordinary activities
  • Mail consulting point

The main objectives that are achieved thanks to the  Total Motor Service are:

  • Increased machine productivity
  • Improved resources management
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of the reliability of the plant/machine
  • Generation of added value to the activities of maintenance